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There’s a better path to understanding and treating autoimmune disease

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When you become a Member in The Autoimmune Families Community, you’re joining a community of people seeking healing-based solutions for autoimmunity. While it’s understood that there is no “cure” for autoimmune disease, and we can’t guarantee individual results, we each, together, take responsibility for seeking wellness, engaging in dialogue with appropriate providers, and for communicating with positive intention. If, after 30 days with us, you find that The Autoimmune Families Community is not a good fit, we’ll refund your investment. Just follow these three easy steps to show us that you’ve given The Autoimmune Families Community your best try:

3 – Demonstrate that you’ve read three or more articles.
2 – Post at least two questions or comments in our private Facebook group.
1 – Use our Contact Us form to reach out to me, Founder Joy, personally, and let me know how the Community is working for you.

When you do these three things, I believe that you’ll find The Autoimmune Families Community is worth every penny. And if you don’t, you’ll get every penny back.


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